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Personal shopper

Wish for it. Explore it. Make it happen.

Personal Shopper is a new concept perfect for all of you who would like assistance of an expert in fashion and design who will help you find, pick and carry out an outfit styled just for you and based on your preference and create your own unique style.

An important event, new work environment, birthday celebrations, weddings or simply your decision to build a stronger sense of personal style – our team is able to assist you with it all and more!

Having a Personal Shopper work with you will enable you to hear suggestions, advice and ideas on how to put together your clothing and accessories items for different occasions.

Furthermore, we will also consult you on the cuts that best fit your body type, choices and colors of fabrics as well as how to complete your look with your hair and make-up choices – it will all become the game of styles and you will enjoy having no rules!

Our team consists of strong, creative, educated, free-spirited and brave women who will share their experience and Lolam lifestyle directly with you!

Milica Garzičić, brand owner and creative director behind the Lolam concept will not only be your consultant and advise you on how to mix and match different styles, but also lead you into building the (life)style you were not brave enough to carry out before.

Lolam support team will share their ideas and direct you to picking out the fits and cuts ideal for your body type, character and the occasion you are attending.

Let’s walk through life bravely and freely – let the world recognize the goddess within you!


Choose your package - personal shopper

If you would like to use our Personal Shopper services – please follow the steps below:

Step 1: Fill in the request form and complete the payment through our website (LOOK HERE).

Step 2: You will receive a confirmation of successfully booking in your time slot with our Personal Shopper.

Step 3: You will be contacted by our operator so that you can confirm the time slot of your preference and also your preferred communication method (Skype, Viber, Whatsapp, mobile/landline)*. Furthermore, personal consultations are also available at our Production HQs. You will be detailly informed on every step during the conversation with our operator.

Step 4: Start your journey with your Personal Shopper at your scheduled time and become a part of the powerful Lolam goddesses! 


For all further information – please send us an e-mail to or give us a call on +381 63 703 03 88


Options for Personal Shopper Service Package:


1. Milica Garzičić – brand owner and creative director of Lolam LLC

 Package 1:      Package 2:
 Call Duration: 30min        Call Duration: 60min
 Cost for the service: 50,25EUR  Cost for the service: 92,25EUR


2. Lolam support team

 Package 3:    Package 4:
 Call Duration: 30min  Call Duration: 60min
 Cost for the service: 30,75EUR  Cost for the service: 50 EUR


*Please Note - Lolam LLC will not reimburse the costs of the phone conversation

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