We reward your loyalty!


We bring you Easter deal! Get a 20% discount on ALL Lolam items in the period from 25th April until May 6th.


How do I get a discount?

We have sent to all members of the Lolam Loyalty program an e-mail with a unique code for promo ticket that you can use in the period from 25th April - 06th May and get a 20% discount on ALL items. The discount is calculated on unlimited number of items. When buying, during the specified period, it is necessary to type in the promo ticket in order for the system to calculate the discount. Each code is unique and a ticket can be used only once in the specified period.


What is the duration of the action?

The campaign is valid for the period from the 25th of April until 6th of May. During this period you can receive a 20% discount on one purchase on unlimited number of items from the entire wesbite.


Who is this discount for?

The discount is valid exclusively for the members of Lolam Loyalty Club. If you have just become a member of Lolam Loyalty Club, it is necessary to wait 24 hours after signing in to make the ticket active. If you do not receive an email with the ticket code in the mentioned period, please contact us info@lolam.com or +381 64 304 304 8.


Scale with points that determine the amount of discount

By collecting points you get the benefits that of the specific level you are in.

Ranking Points: 




151 - 300

Lolam Babe


301 - 550

Lolam Swag


551 - 700

Lolam Ambassdor


701 - 850

Lolam Boss


851 - 1000

Lolam Warrior


1001 - 1300

Lolam Empress


1301 - xx




Points are collected based on the model 1 euro = 1 point. Based on the number of points you collected, you are entitled to a discount at that level at the time of purchase.

The collected points are collected during each purchase, by the end of the accounting period that lasts for one year, within which the cross-section of the balance and the possibility of switching to a higher level are performed 4 times (01. March / 01. June / 01. September / 01. November). By collecting points, you are able to move to a higher level (at each cross-section, which is done 4 times a year) and the right to a discount of that level until the next cross-section of the balance and / or expiration of the accounting period.

At the end of each accounting period, members will be retired points to the initial number of points in the level they were placed during the previous year and allow an initial discount of that level within the new accounting period of membership. The annual breakdown for the reporting period is 01. March 2019.

Lolam d.o.o. reserves the right to change the points table on the basis of which the amount of the discount is determined. In the event that such changes occur, the users will be informed by email or on the website.

DISCONTINUED EXAMPLE: If by the first cross-section (01. March) you collect a total of 450 points you get a discount of 6%. You can use this discount until the next cross-section (01. June / 01. September / 01. November) when you get the possibility of switching to a higher level if you collect the appropriate number of points, or until the end of the accounting period (if you do not move to a higher level). Points are added to the end of the accounting period that runs until 01. March 2019, then points are reset to the starting number of points of the level at which you were in previous year (in this case at 301 points). The biggest possible discount that a Lolam Loyalty card user can earn is 20%.

Members of Lolam Loyalty Program have the right to participate in promotional campaigns that will be published on the Lolam Loyalty program page.


The right to a discount using the Lolam Loyalty card is made exclusively for the regularly priced items or that has been reduced to a maximum of 20%. All items that are at a discount of more thank 20% no longer have the right to a discount on the Lolam Loyalty card, but the user also gets the opportunity to collect points based on these items.

If the Loyalty Card discount includes the entire assortment, within a certain period or in relation to a particular category of customers, this will be explicitly stated.

Score records are made automatically after the purchase.

If you do not make a purchase through the www.lolam.com web shop for a period of one year, or during one accounting period, membership of the Lolam Loyalty Club is automatically canceled and all points are deleted.

Where to check your points?

You can check number of points and the level achieved in the User Profile section within the Lolam Loyalty Card category.

All information about the Loyalty program, campaigns, promotional offers, application forms, policies, instructions on how to earn extra points and more, can be found here

By joining the Lolam Loyalty program, you agree with all the terms and conditions, which include both sending informative and promising messages via e-mail.

Points that allow discounts and their use can only be realized exclusively through the web shop www.lolam.com.